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Doaitsen 420 Sport

Thank you to all the breeders who have used Doaitsen. He has moved to Nevada and is now owned by and standing at Maddi's Friesian Ranch


  • Visit Doaitsen's facebook page for videos and current photos


  • Permanently approved on offspring
  • Most popular KFPS stallion in the world with over 450 breedings in 2009
  • Reserve Champion at the Stallion Show in 2009
  • Sire of Sake 449 and Sjouke 453, Bene 476
  • High star percentage on offspring
  • Sires tall, modern, alert horses who are willing to work
  • Offspring show athleticism, balance and suppleness
  • Super rear leg use in his offspring
  • From his offspring training report: "horses who are a pleasure to work with"
  • Doaitsen stands 170cm tall

  • Doaitsen 420 Sport

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